Кампања за донации за бесплатна музичка едукација


Musically talented Roma children and youth have lack of access to musical instruments and music education due to living in poverty and social exclusion. The Roma Rock School (RRS) is working with Roma pupils from the biggest Roma settlement in Europe, Shuto Orizari – N. Macedonia using an unique curriculum combining Rock with Roma traditional music. Make your donation to support this socially innovative program of securing free music education and future music career of Roma children and youth.

total goal


The Roma children have the lowest rate of school attendance and highest level of dropout in North Macedonia, considering deep poverty of their families. The access to private musical schools and education is even more difficult considering the high cost for artistic education and purchasing musical instruments. Unfortunately, the 3 years’ project of RRS supporting Roma children has ended. Your donation will secure at least 30 talented but poor Roma children to continue their music education.


From 70 student enrolled in last 3 years, around 30 are still active within the program of RRS. Most of them come from poor families. Despite their huge musical talent, their parents can’t afford to buy an instrument. Not being able to attend music school and not having an instrument leads to giving up their dream of being a professional musician. In addition to band sections and instrument lessons, we help students learn to read notes and prepare them to enroll in music high school and college.

Long-Term Impact

Besides music, the team of Roma Rock School works to increase awareness of the importance of education and keep children off the streets. Our long-term goal is to help at least 10 students enroll in music high school and return at least 100 students to regular primary and secondary education. This project will inspire and motivate the next generations to work in the realization of their music career and current students to become music instructors in Roma Rock School and other music school.

Additional Documentation

This project has provided additional documentation in a DOCX file (projdoc.docx).



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