Повик за 2ца младински работници за обуката „STEP4″ во Лоѓ, Полска

CYA Krik is looking for 2 participants TC “STEP4”.

Where: Łódź, Poland

When: 12 – 21.04.2024

Participating countries: Poland, North Macedonia, Lithuania, Greece, Latvia, Croatia, Estonia, Romania, Hungary, Portugal, Spain

About the project:

“STEP” is an Erasmus+ Training Course with the scope of providing youth workers and strategies to support the talents and competencies development of youth people and the Organisations working with youth. The project aims to design and consider sustainable, alternative and digital methodologies and approaches to adapt to the European job market and develop the entrepreneurial and employment competences of our young people through upgraded employability strategies. 


Participants profile:

– 18+ years old;

– Speaking advanced English;

–  Fully committed to the preparation and follow-up activities both online and frontal;

– Actively take part in the training course (in Poland and on the online platform);

– Contribute to the multiplier impact of the project;

– Disseminate the project results accordingly;

– Fill the final evaluation documents.



– Empower youth workers fan of competences in the employability sector for supporting their Organisations and young people in developing adequate skills, attitudes and behaviors for the current job market;

– Connect employability learnings with digital elements and knowledge in order to be on track with the future of different European employment sectors;

– Analyse and design models of enterprises that can support youth Organisations and young people to qualitatively build working opportunities;

– Support younger generations in the transition from studies to the job market in the actual European scenario and Carve into the concepts of sustainable and digital/hybrid jobs of the future;

– Collaborate with the relevant local, regional and European stakeholders to grow a better employability scenario for youth work activities aimed at harnessing efforts of both professionals and young individuals;

– Boost employability through a set of high quality methods and tools that can be adapted to diverse backgrounds and working environments in Europe and beyond;

– Provide youth workers with professional training opportunities through the values of Erasmus+ and the European Youth Strategy

Things to know about the preparation for mobility:

As a participant, you commit yourself to actively participate in the whole process, including:

– to participate on pre travel coordinating meetings;

– to read all the information carefully (especially this info pack and all the emails we will send you before your coming) and communicate timely with the organizers;

– to take active part in the full duration of the activities (it means coming later or leaving earlier is not possible) 

– to give all the necessary documents to your sending organization (travel invoices, boarding passes, tickets …) for the reimbursement of your travel costs  – to participate in the evaluation process after the exchange and, if it’s the case.

If you are interested, please fill in the Application Form, no later than 13.03.2024

For any additional question, contact us at [email protected]

Click here for Infopack

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