Повик за 4ца учесници на обука во Болоња, Италија

Where: Bologna, Italy

When: 27.05 – 01.06.2024

Participating countries: Italy, North Macedonia, France, Cyprus

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About the project:

The project aims to address the lack of quality sexual education in Italy by providing comprehensive, inclusive, and intersectional sexual education programs for young people. The project will also focus on training youth workers and educators on providing effective sexual education, with a focus on topics such as contraception, gender-based violence, and cyber security. By fostering a culture of respect and promoting responsible decision-making, the project will have a significant impact on the health and well-being of young people. This project will also aim to create a network of professionals to collaborate on developing relevant and effective educational content. Through this project, we hope to bring sexual education closer to schools and formal educational systems, ultimately creating a more informed and empowered youth population.

Participants profile:

– 18+ years old;

– Youth Workers, Educators

– Speaking advanced English;

– Fully committed to the preparation and follow-up activities ;

– Actively take part in the training course;

– Contribute to the multiplier impact of the project;

– Disseminate the project results accordingly;

– Fill the final evaluation documents.


The main goal will be to train the youth workers/educators/professionals on how to use the Training Programme, give them the competences, methodologies, and try out some of the suggested activities with them so they can become competent youth workers and will know how to improve sexual and emotional educational programmes with their young people

Sharing good practices, methodologies, country realities and experiences between the youth workers, educators, professionals

Things to know about the preparation for the training course:

As a participant, you commit yourself to actively participate in the whole process, including:

– to participate on pre travel coordinating meetings;

– to read all the information carefully (especially this info pack and all the emails we will send you before your coming) and communicate timely with the organizers;

– to take active part in the full duration of the activities (it means coming later or leaving earlier is not possible)

– to give all the necessary documents to your sending organization (travel invoices, boarding passes, tickets …) for the reimbursement of your travel costs

– to participate in the evaluation process after the exchange and, if it’s the case.

If you are interested, please fill in the Application Form, no later than 04.04.2024

For any additional question, contact us at [email protected]

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