Повик за вработување за окупационен терапевт-Специјален едукатор и рехабилитатор

  • Позиција: Окупационен терапевт
  • Работни часови: Целосно работно време (40 часа неделно) Понеделник до петок од 9 до 17 часот. 
  • Локација: Црниче, Скопје
  • Вид договор: Можност за договор за вработување или договор на дело 


Проектот Добивање живот “- Деинституционализација на жителите на институцијата Специјален Завод – Демир Капија, се очекува да поддржи преселување на 45 лица со интелектуална попреченост од установата  во 9 независни станбени единици во  Вардарски регион. Со цел да се обезбеди поддршка на лицата со интелектуална попреченост што ќе живеат во независните станбени единици, ПИН и Центар за младински активизам Цма Крик ќе ангажираат персонал кој ќе обезбеди помош и поддршка. Како дел од проектните активности, се воспоставува дневен центар за лица со попреченост во Црниче, Скопје.

Опис на работно место ( Окупационен терапевт ) (1 позиција)

Окупационен терапевт помага во извршување на професионална услуга на млади и возрасни корисници на дневен центар за лица со попреченост, ефективно, ефикасно и навремено спроведува програма за работа и решава прашањата на во врска со корисниците кои ја користат услугата.

Должности и одговорности ( Окупационен терапевт)

Помага на корисниците да станат посамоуверени во изведувањето на самостојни секојдневни активности, да се постигне максимална самостојност во секојдневниот живот
Креирање, спроведување и следење на прогресот на програма за работа на окупационен терапевт
Промена, одржување или воспоставување на активности за грижа за себе на корисниците во секојдневни активности
Воспоставување и/или промена на изведување на групни активности во дневен центар
Создавање и прилагодување на активности за слободно време како хоби, одмор, рекреација
Следење на прогресот на корисниците и адаптирање на активностите според нивните потреби

Потребни квалификации:

  • да биде државјанин на Република Северна Македонија
  • активно да го користи македонскиот јазик
  • да се биде возрасен над 18 години
  • да имаат општа здравствена способност за работата
  • да имаат завршени студии по специјална едукација и рехабилитација
  • да има искуство со работа со лица со попреченост
  • со правосилна судска одлука да не е осуден на забрана за вршење професија, дејност или должност

Како да се аплицира

Мажите и жените се подеднакво охрабрени да аплицираат. Ве молиме, испратете CV на е-адресата: [email protected] и [email protected]

Насловот треба да ја наведува позицијата на работата и вашето име Пр. Окупационен терапевт Петар Петровски. Апликациите поднесени во други форми нема да бидат разгледани.

Само селектираните  кандидати ќе бидат контактирани. Сите кандидати се охрабруваат да аплицираат. Рокот за пријавување е до 25-ти февруари 2022 година, во 23:59 часот.


Обезбедени месечни средства во бруто сума од 28 290 мкд. Можност за вработување со договор за вработување или договор на дело.

Договор за вработување-19 211 мкд

Договор на дело-25 146 мкд

CYA Krik is looking for a volunteer in Thailand for 3 months.

CYA Krik is looking for a volunteer in Thailand for 3 months.

  • 80 days
  • June 2022

Your role

Volunteer will be divided to work in 1 school and 3 kindergarten in Padang Besar sub-district, Sadao, Songkhla.

Main job is to communicate in English with students, encourage them to use English with you. Because in Thailand less Thai English teacher can speak English well by culture barrier. So volunteer will create the situation for student to use English in the class with non-formal education tools such as Song, Game, Creating English Situation in the class (for example market situation to let then learn more word or some conversation that could happen in the market), basic English in daily life, ect.

Volunteers can ask for equipment for lesson preparing from teacher in the school. School and kindergarten atmosphere, Thai teacher could not speak English well (as well as children), be prepared on this, you may face difficulty of communication situation but international volunteers will be together. So at least you have friends who can communicate with you. But Thai people really easy going, like to support, help and keen to learn if you are open mind to teach them or communicate with them slowly by slowly.

Qualification & prerequisites

  • Volunteer can communicate in
  •  No criminal record proved
    (Certificate of Good conduct)
  • Age 22 years old up+
  • Female only
  • Be creative in the class tools
  • Like to be with small kids

Accomodation & Food

Education Reform is one of exigent project in Thailand. Regarding the gap between city and countryside in Thailand, education decide is one of the problem that need to be solve. The project try to recruit international volunteer to be in the countryside at least to create international atmosphere in community. Encourage everyone to see how important of intercultural knowledge in nowaday.
Padang Bezar is the border sub-district in Sadao Songkhla. The location connect to Perlis, Malaysia. Main occupation in this town is commercial between Thailand and Malaysia. 60% is Muslim 30% Buddhist and others.

Volunteer will stay with Thai host family house. Volunteer will share room with other volunteers, share restroom with family.

You can cook at the host family for breakfast and supper. There will be lunch at the workplace (school or kindergarten) volunteer
will have lunch with teacher or staff or students. Volunteer is welcome to help or learn cooking with host family or at workplace as well as to bring some ingredients from your country for food culture exchange.

Visa & travel arrangements

Due to the current situation all of volunteers are required to be fully vaccinated with one of European medicine agency recognized vaccine. Information on Covid-19 restrictions can be found here. Further information on entry requirements can be found here.

Visa procedure takes usually 1 month. The visa has to be arranged prior to the departure. More information can be found here.

The sending and hosting organisation will give further information to the volunteers.

Hosting organization

VSA Thailand is an Informal Education Organization / Non-Profit Organization (NPO) / Non-Government Organization (NGO) / Social Enterprise / Peace organization collaborating international voluntary projects for people of all ages, cultures, religious and economic backgrounds.

VSA is IVS representative in Thailand as the bridge to bring people from various cultures or believing to learn cultural diversity, make understanding by supporting activities of local communities around the world. Imagine, the small group of people with different characters gathering in local communities around the world and supporting local activities with villagers. This’s the image of idea ‘Think Global Act Local’

Learning and understanding in cultural diversity bring the Companion, Reducing Conflict, Individual Capacity Building and Developing Community Potential.

more information: https://www.volunteerspirit.or.th/about-our-organization.


How to apply

Send us a CV and motivational letter at [email protected]

CYA Krik is looking for a participant for TC: Hero’s Journey: the power of storytelling for wellbeing

CYA Krik is looking for a participant for TC: Hero’s Journey: the power of storytelling for wellbeing

Training Course about storytelling method for educating the youth at risk on how to take care of their mental health & well-being.

Date & Venue: 29 April to 6 May 2022, The Netherlands

About Hero’s Journey…

Hero ´ s journey: the power of storytelling for wellbeing is a Training Course funded by the Erasmus+ program that aims to equip organizations with the storytelling method for educating the youth at risk on how to take care of their mental health & well-being. Before the Training Course, we will have 2 online preparation meetings. During the training, you will learn about storytelling competence and its usage for educating on how to take care of their mental health & wellbeing. Participants will design and implement 12 workshops using storytelling methods for educating youth at risk on how to take care of their mental health & well-being. The follow-up period will be an opportunity to put into practice what you learned. We will create an event to identify, publish and promote stories that can be used for fostering empathy, understanding and self reflection to promote mental health & well-being.

Everyone has a story

Human civilization has been evolving around stories and narratives which constitute our identity and seeing of the world since prehistoric times. Stories have an enormous influence on the human mind and perception. Stories talk from our past, fears for our future, and high and low moments from our lives. We’re all more than just one dimension or one story. Simply listening to and acknowledging others ‘ stories, helps to create a greater sense of wellbeing, reducing the risk of loneliness and stress. For that reason, stories are a brilliant tool to work with human health and well-being, and working through Storytelling provides an opportunity to shift these inner narratives to a more positive and empowering one.

Our approach

The AIM of our project is “To equip organizations with the storytelling method for educating the youth at risk on how to take care of their mental health & well-being.” We work with EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: learning by doing & leaning by experiencing. We approach learning as a collective process. During the training we will offer the foundations for the group to work together and learn from each other and for each other. The program structure will be built up in a way that the participants experience will be supported by storytelling theory, embodied activities, each other learning resources, common sharing and reflections.


Preparation: 1st online meeting: End march 2nd online meeting: Middle April

Training Course: Arrival: 29th April Departure: 6th May before 10 am

Follow – up: After the TC, the journey continues with applying what you have learned back in your own youth work. All participants are asked to create a follow-up activity, organise it and report it back after the training course.

Participant’ s profile

You are 20+ years old. You are a registered inhabitant of Greece, Bulgaria, North Macedonia. Czech Republic, Latvia, Spain, and/or the Netherlands. You are a youth worker, social worker, trainer, volunteer in a youth organization, and/or student in social work. Willing to live, learn, reflect, experiment, and explore in a multicultural group through 8-10 hs of daily intensive program. You are able to work in English. You are highly motivated and willing to actively participate during the whole project and put into practice your learnings during the implementation period, follow-up activities and beyond.

Meals & Venue

We will be hosted in the accommodation place called De gouwe droom in the North Holland region. The bedrooms will be shared among 4-5 people max. Each bedroom will have its own sanitary facilities; a shower, sink and a separate toilet. The Accommodation will be our home for the entire program and we will take care of it by ourselves (eg. washing dishes, cleaning the rooms, respecting the surrounding nature). Around the accommodation, there is an outdoor space for outdoor activities, walking, and meditation. We will have healthy & environmentally conscious food. Meals will be vegetarian & vegan.

Participant’ s contribution

The project is funded through The Erasmus+ program, thus accommodation, food, and materials are fully covered. There will be a participants contribution of 50 € per person that will be paid upon arrival in cash.


You will be reimbursed the exact amount of travel money, provided that is within the set limit. To be eligible for reimbursement, we ask you to keep all your original tickets, boarding passes and invoices. The reimbursement of travel costs is done after the WHOLE project is completed (preparation, training course, implementation, and follow-up activities) and you provide us the travel documents, and you fill in the evaluation forms.


Together we fight Covid-19

Before applying though, please read this document thoroughly and check if you are in line with the COVID19 measures we will take to participate in our Training

Outline of the strategy:

– Our aim is to hold the course without a mask, without risking our safety.

– We will follow the Dutch national regulations regarding COVID-19. We are following the national regulations that are valid on the period the project is happening.

– If COVID tests are required to enter/exit the country, the participants are responsible to cover the costs. For the tests before departing, Stichting Heimat will support with organizing a testing process.

– If there will be any COVID incident during the course, Stichting Heimat will support the participants to organize all needed processes (testing, quarantine in different accommodations, etc). Costs are covered by the participants.

– We can’t reimburse any travel expenses if a participant is excluded from the course because of a positive COVID test result.

How to apply:

To apply, fill in the online application form latest by the 20.03.2022

CYA Krik is looking for a volunteer for Waste management in Vietnam (80days).

CYA Krik is looking for a volunteer for Waste management in Vietnam (80days)

Starting date: 01.06.2022

  • Vietnam
  • 80
  • Spring 2022

Your role

Your tasks would be:

  • Work closely with our project team for providing distinctive analysis, insights on plastic waste management and circular economy. Scope, research and publish content on themes as diverse as solid waste management, human rights, ocean health, genders, sustainability and the circular economy.
  • Assist in generating content and providing research oversight for a select number of projects on ocean plastics and advancing the circular economy for plastics.
  • Assist in conducting plastic-related socio-economic survey/research
  • Maintain tools and processes to support ongoing learning and access to data across the
  • Promote a data-driven culture and encourage colleagues to use and contribute to
    resources and tool
  • Support the development of compelling projects proposals and scopes of work to secure
    funder and partner interest
  • Ensure timely delivery of high-quality, credible work products
  • Contribute to reporting when necessary

Qualification & prerequisites

    • Solid knowledge of environmental science (especially in plastic pollution)
    • Proficient in spoken and written English
    • Experience developing written content on sustainability-linked themes or topics in
      emerging markets
    • research skills
    • people skills, known for being a good listener, taking feedback well,
    • generating actionable insights
    • MS Office
    • data visualisation
    • Self-motivated and ability to manage your own time
    • A ‘can do’ attitude and a flexible approach to work demands
    • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability
    Volunteers from Slovakia, Czechia, North Macedonia and Italy are eligible for this position.

Visa & travel arrangements

Due to the current situation all of volunteers are required to be fully vaccinated with one of the vaccines. Sinovac (Chinese vaccine) are not highly recommended because of its side-effects. It is important to bring the vaccination certificates. Information on Covid-19 restrictions can be found here.

Visa procedure takes usually 1 -3 month.

The sending and hosting organisation will give further information to the volunteers.

Hosting organisation

The Centre for Supporting Green Development (GreenHub) is a Vietnamese, civil society organization under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (Vusta) with oversight by the Ministry of Science & Technology, and with an CSO Registration Number A1555. GreenHub’s Vision is the green development of Vietnam, and its mission is to connect communities and resources to embrace green lifestyle practices, sustainable production and nature conservation.

The “Local Solutions for Plastic Pollution” (LSPP) funded by the USAID addresses the challenges faced by local communities in overcoming the negative environmental health impacts caused by plastics pollution which is increasing in Vietnam. Vietnam is listed as 1 of the top 5 plastic waste polluters of the world’s oceans, discharging 0.28 – 0.73 million tons annually. While plastics pollution is increasingly receiving policy attention at the national level, local empowerment of actors at the local level is needed to collaborate, take collective action, change behaviors and advocate for policies based on solid environmental, health and community evidence. To develop
and sustain solutions, the use of information technology is essential. However, there is no central or local initiative or internet-based platform on plastics pollution and its environmental health impacts in Vietnam for actors to interact and network, nor mobile solutions (mHealth) to deliver environmental health education, reliable plastic waste community information, and support collective action to prioritize action, create and share online solutions. The ‘Local Solutions for Plastic Pollution’ project activities aim to empower local communities to reduce plastics pollution by building collective action from the ground up by creating, strengthening and uniting networks, communities and individuals in Hanoi, Ha Long (Quang Ninh), Da Nang, and Hoi An (Quang Nam). The project duration is August 2020 – July 2023 and implemented by GreenHub, the Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), Hanoi University of Public Health, and Global Integrated Management System Company Limited (GIMASYS).


How to apply?

Send us a CV and a motivational lette at [email protected]

CYA Krik is looking for 4 participants for TC “Let’s Match” in Italy

CYA Krik is looking for 4 participants for TC “Matching youth workers competences with the inclusive activities – Let’s Match”

The focus of the TC will be on applying non-formal methods in youth workers’ professional development, in particular, the TC will provide organizations’ youth workers with competences related to working with specific target groups – young people with fewer opportunities in order to provide more inclusive activities, programs and projects in their local communities.


Each partner should select, prepare and send 4 youth workers.
The desired profile of participants:

  • youth workers above 18 years old
  • motivated to develop their competences in working with youngsters and specifically vulnerable youngsters
  • a minimum applied background in non-formal methods and work-based settings with vulnerable target groups
  • be able to act as a multiplier in their local communities
  • having interests in local development and youth policies
  • be able to work in English in order to interact and fully understand learning outcomes
  • be committed to attend the whole duration of the training course
  • be able to disseminate project results within local communities and peers during their service and beyond


Participants should contact their sending organization for travel arrangements!


The Training Course will be hosted in “Antico Convento San Francesco“, a building property ofthe Municipality of Bagnacavallo, now managed by a young couple that has turned itinto an affordable hotel. 

The bedrooms are for 4-6-8 people and every room has a toilet with a shower. https://www.anticoconventosanfrancesco.it/ 

Via Luigi Cadorna 10, 48012 Bagnacavallo RA 


The hosting organisation will provide accommodation and food for the entire training course: 3 meals + 2 coffee breaks between sessions per day. 

Participants must attend the whole duration of the Training Course and submit the final evaluation questionnaire in order to receive the reimbursement. The reimbursement will be done directly to the sending organisation, after they have received all needed documents and the participants have submitted the evaluation questionnaire.


COVID-19 – the situation with the Covid-19 is changing constantly, please check the following web pages in order to be updated for all new measures and rules in Italy. https://infocovid.viaggiaresicuri.it/index_en.html 


The program of the training course will include an intercultural evening, thus you are welcome to bring with you something to taste, some music or anything presenting your culture. 

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or the seeing organisation from your country.

How to apply

If you are interested in participating in the TC, please fill in the application form.