Call for 3 ESC volunteers on a long term project in the Netherlands

CYA Krik issues a call for 3 ESC volunteers on a long term project in the Netherlands.

When: 01.09.2021- 25.08.2022

Where: Depending on which option you are chosen for but most of the volunteers will be accommodated in Lunteren, Netherlands.

Options where you will be able to volunteer:

• At Humanitas volunteers you work in the same house for the whole year, as this is easier for the clients. The different houses are located in Ede and Amersfoort. An extended description of the working places is further in the info-pack.
• At Siza volunteers are placed in one of the living groups and work with that group for one year. Some of the groups include people with heavy disabilities, so it is important that the volunteers are aware of that. An extended
description of the working places is further in the info-pack.
• In De Glind volunteers will be hosted in the same village, where they will stay for the full year in the same working place. They will work in the family homes and at the school and will do all kind of practical jobs that belong to the
practical work in a family home, but also will do as much as possible activities with the kids that live in the family home. An extended description of the working places is further in the info-pack.
• Under Rock Solid there are different working places, a few in different organizations like family homes and a day care center (theatre and so on) for disabled people, and a few homes for elderly people with dementia.

• New under Rock Solid in 2021 will be a social restaurant with a small hostel (3 double rooms, with bunk beds). For this restaurant we need a cooking and serving staff of 4 people and a floor manager, all of them will be under
professional guidance by the restaurant manager.

*Volunteers can apply for all projects or only for one of them, but they cannot choose a specific working place. We will divide these together with the hosting organizations in the way we feel how is best according to your profile and the needs of the working place, we do this after the interviews and after an assessment of the skills of the candidate and the needs of the organization. Of course, you can give a preference, but if you are open to work in any of the three organizations, your chance of being selected is bigger for sure. Be aware of the fact that only a few working places include “the working with children” part.

*Lunteren, a village right in the middle of the Netherlands, will be a little bit the ”center” of the projects (where most of the volunteers will be hosted, language courses and team building activities will be organized etc.), so traveling time to work by bike, bus or train can take between 25 minutes till 1 hour and 20 minutes (if there are no delays). However, the working hours are adjusted to the traveling hours, so less travel means more working and more travel means fewer working hours, so it will be “fair” for all. In total the volunteers are active between 36 and 40 hours a week, including the Dutch classes, travel and other mandatory activities (excluding team-builders).


Profile of the volunteers and selection process:
• We aim for volunteers who are interested social work and/or people with disadvantages in general.
• One of the conditions to apply is a good knowledge of English and good social skills because the volunteers have to work with people with mental challenges.
• Another condition is a proof of good conduct, because this is obliged in Dutch youth and social care.
• The candidate can send his or her application to Chris van Maanen by mail: [email protected], this should contain a CV, motivation letter and photo and preferably Facebook contact.
• The information we request is not intended to reject a candidate, but to get an idea of what the candidate’s interest and abilities are and how he/she can grow as a person and what they can add to the project. In this way we can
make an assessment in which project the volunteer fits best and have an idea about the support that the volunteer will be needing throughout the year (that’s why it could be important for the volunteer to check if all the projects would suit him/her)
• When we think a candidate is suitable, we invite the candidate for a Skype call. This will be done by the mentors and/or Jeanine and Chris van Maanen (coordinator). During this conversation we’re trying to get to know the
candidate, talk about expectations and provide them with extra informationabout the projects and our organizations.

For any other information see the info pack below:

Info pack ESC volunteering in Netherlands 2021-2022

How to apply:

Send you CV and motivational letter to [email protected]

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