CYA Krik is looking for 8 participants for YE “VALUE SEEKERS” in Hungary


TOPIC: Development of disadvantaged rural and urban areas,

 Community development, Creativity, arts, and culture Participating countries: Hungary, North Macedonia, Czech Republic, Romania 

Number of participants: 7 young people + 1 group leader/country

Age: 16 –24 
Starting date: 13 September 2022 
End of the project: 22 September 2022
Location: Tiszavasvári, Hungary

Short description of the program: In the frame of the project, we plan to implement a double youth exchange program with the participation of organizations from 4 countries.

The basic topic of the program is the exploration and promotion of the preservation of the Roma culture and traditions and the related values, and thus the reduction of the gap between the majority and the minority society.

The program was designed by Hungarian young people who have already taken part in a similar project implemented by other organizations. They want to explore more deeply the local values in the field of Roma culture and traditions, understand their background, to learn to preserve and pass them on, and do all this in the frame of international experience exchange, gaining experience in connection with the situation of other countries.

The program looks at local cultural values from the perspective of the youth themselves. It was formulated as a vision among young people to turn these values for the benefit of the community, society, and individuals. They are looking for answers to questions like How can local values be turned to the benefit of the community?

How can culture be used to teach, educate, and catch up? How can it be utilized for the development of settlements? How can local values be saved and preserved in the long run? In addition to learning about local values and traditions, our aim is to organize a value-creating, awareness-raising program that also provides young people with opportunities for development in the area of social responsibility and solidarity, while encouraging them to become active in the community.

In the long run, our goal is to strengthen community awareness and community cooperation in favor of the catching up of the settlements. The topic of the program itself is culture, but it goes beyond that, as it is also related to settlement development. Finding cultural values a positive process can start that can determine the future of the settlements, thus improving the life of the local community and making youth work easier and more efficient.

In order to support the achievement of our goals, we intend to implement a double exchange program with the participation of 4 countries (Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Northern Macedonia). One of the exchange programs will take place in Tiszavasvári, Hungary, and the second one will be organized in Oradea, Romania. Both exchanges will be attended by the same young people aged 16-24, 7 people from each country.

They are accompanied and mentored by the group leaders, 1 person from each country. The topic of the program is built around culture, and cultural diversity: creating the development of settlements through young people, and their ideas. Together with the travel days, the twice 10-day youth exchange tries to get around the methods of exploring and saving local values, as well as its impact and results on settlement development, through a wide range of non-formal pedagogical methods. In the frame of the program, young people will also make a local value-saving map, which, when raised to an international level, collects the cultural values in and around the settlements of the countries participating in the program, which can be used to support the development of the settlements and their communities in the future. The route itself will be a map, a larger installation, on which values for improvement that are recommended for further consideration will be presented by photos. The project itself is the first step in a thought-provoking, longer-term process. It is a double exchange program.

The second part will be implemented in Oradea (RO) from 8th to 16th November 2022. The same people must participate in both exchanges!


This project is a Youth Exchange (an experience that allows groups of young people from different countries to meet, live together, and work on specific topics) as part of the European program Erasmus + which supports education, training, youth, and sport in Europe.

IMPORTANT: For the reimbursement, you will need to give to your sending organization:

1/ An invoice with the itinerary of your trip, the names of the passenger(s), and, very importantly, the price of the ticket. In case a problem happens with the invoice, we will accept the e-tickets if they include all of the mentioned information.

2/ All your original travel tickets and receipts (train, boat, bus tickets with the price on it, boarding passes, etc.).



The stamped ticket/boarding pass is a very important

the document, the only evidence that you took the flight/train/bus/boat, and is required by the National Agency of Erasmus+ for reimbursement. If you use your mobile phone don’t forget to print screen the boarding pass, because the link can expire and in case you lose access we may not be able to reimburse you.

Likewise, you have to provide an invoice for your eventual Covid tests. it will be your responsibility to take good care of all those documents and to give them on time to your sending organization. If you take a picture of the documents please take care that they are not folded and put a blank paper behind it!

Be aware that we cannot provide reimbursement of ANY of your travel expenses if a document is missing. If you lose any of your tickets, boarding passes, or invoices, your travel costs will not be supported at all.

Only when the sending organization has all the documents from all the participants from your country, money transfers will be done, from your sending organization to you. This can take from one to three months depending on how fast all the documents are gathered.


Obtaining full insurance (travel risks, medical, injuries) included in the maximum travel budget is your responsibility. Providing us with information on your special needs does not remove your personal responsibility for ensuring your own health and safety. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to subscribe to European medical insurance in case you are not under the coverage of the European health system and to carry your European security card if you are. We will contact skilled doctors and bring you to the pharmacy or to the hospital if needed but we will not cover your fees.

Please notice that it is your responsibility to verify the state of the rules on covid-19 testing and/or vaccine certificate travel policies. Covid-19 tests will be reimbursed if mandatory for travel only if you can provide an invoice.


As a participant, you commit yourself to actively participate in the whole process, including:

– to read all the information carefully (especially this info pack and all the emails we will send you before your coming) and communicate timely with the organizers

– to prepare your mind, body, and imagination for a rich and intense week

– to take active part in the full duration of the activities (it means coming later or leaving earlier is not possible)

– to give all the necessary documents to your sending organization (travel invoices, boarding passes, tickets, covid tests invoices…) for the reimbursement of your travel costs

– to participate in the evaluation process after the exchange and, if it’s the case, to share eventual actions following the ye in your local community

– pay participation fee: 600 Mkd

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If you need more information please contact me at [email protected]

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