WBAA Mentorship Program

Applications for the WBAA Mentorship Program are now open!

The 3 days’ workshop will be organized in Tirana, 15-17 October 2022 with the aim to further youth career development and personal growth through mentorship innovative practices offered by WBAA Alumni, with the goal to increase students” participation in youth mobility schemes.

The project objective is to support students’ personal, social and professional development by sharing opportunities provided by Erasmus+ and the Western Balkan Regional Alumni Association. In the role of mentors, alumni of the WBAA will provide participants with examples of education and career development in the real world.

Here’s what you can expect:

· The opportunity to be trained on various soft skills: communication, interpersonal skills, and problem solving. By the end of the project participants will have all the information and practical knowledge to apply in their desired Erasmus plus course

· Participants will be able to develop their own Erasmus+ application with the aid of WBAA mentors’ insights and tips

· Learn crucial skills for a successful scholarship application and be exposed to personal and professional development through a relationship-based and skill-based program that will add to your formal education experience

· Exchanging ideas and gaining new perspectives with likeminded young people from the region

Who can apply for this call:

· Young people coming from the Western Balkan region, preferably students

· Active in their local community and student activities

· Demonstrating a strong interest in Erasmus+ programs and willingness to apply of the next scholarship call

· Priority will be given to those with fewer opportunities coming from rural areas

If you are a young person from the Western Balkans who wants to improve your skills and plan your next Erasmus+ scholarship application, sign up for this 3-day workshop in Tirana.

Apply here: 

Deadline for application: until the place is filled in, and no later than September 24, 23:59 CET

**All the costs of the event will be covered by WBAA-including traveling, accommodation, food.

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