TC Partnership Building for “ESC Receiving and Supporting Organisations”

CYA Krik is issuing an open call for 5 participants for TC Partnership Building for “ESC Receiving and Supporting Organisations”

Where: Muş, Turkey

When:20-28 August 2021

The project background:

Within the scope of our project, we would like to support the organisation which are  willing to acquire ECS Quality Label as the program renewed for 2021-2027  programming period. Meanwhile doing so, We want to help the organisations to  establish partnerships together and develop new projects.  

We have developed our project based on the fact that a new program for the next  programming period as 2021-2027 within European Solidarity Corps program.We have  developed this project to address the very need of the organisations to increase the  visibility of the European Solidarity Corps Programme as well as to introduce the  program to the new comer organisations. Moreover, with the implementation of this  project we want to increase the knowledge of the organisations on application  processes of European Solidarity Corps Quality Label, Volunteering Projects and  Solidarity Projects.  

Moreover, the project aims to reach the young people with fewer opportunities in our  district to increase the visibility of the program within the young people with fewer  opportunities. The activity as well have an aim to develop partnerships between the  organisations for the future projects within Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps  activities.  

The objectives of the project:  

– To raise awareness on ESC within the concept of volunteering and solidarity  – To establish partnerships under ESC and provide a space to do so for the  organisations from Programme and Partner countries  

– To increase the capacity of the organisations on development of volunteering project  applications, Quality Label Applications and Solidarity Applications  – To increase the skills of youth workers to reach out young people with fewer  opportunities  

The program of the activity is focused on the development of Quality Label  Applications, Volunteer Management and Inclusion of Young people with fewer  opportunities along with the usage of Youthpass in volunteering projects.

Participants profile and involvement :

  • 18+ years old 
  • has been involved in non-formal education context in local level as youth worker or as  young people  
  • Motivation to take part in a mutual learning process in an intercultural setting • has interest to work on volunteering activities  
  • sensitive to the participation and engagement of young people topic and willing to  implement actions 
  • has a sufficient level of English ( B1-C1 ) 
  • less knowledge of Quality Label, Volunteering activities or European Solidarity Corps

Travel reimbursement: 

Travel must take place at Economic class.

Travel reimbursement will be assured according to Erasmus+ Programme rules and  on basis of travel documents provided in original, in the cuantum of max. 275 euro/person.

Everyone interested should fill in the APPLICATION FORM no later than 01.08.2021.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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