Training course “Youth Workers for Sustainable Organizations”

Project place: Slovenia

 Project dates: 7th – 13th of May

 Deadline for applying: 14.04.2022


Second mobility of the project

It is not a secret that our planet is not treated in a way that it should be and that we are still quite a long way away from sustainability. Every day we cut down more than 30.000 hectares of rain forests that represent the lungs of our planet and which on a yearly basis effects more than 50.000 species. Majority of the rain forest is cut down due to the livestock industry, which is the second biggest green gas emission producer and is responsible also for water pollution. Between 4.8 to 12.7 million tons of plastic is disposed into oceans on a yearly basis, which does not include the plastic that ends on landfills, and we also produce up to 300 million tons of new plastic every year. But our problematic consumer habits are visible also regarding the fashion industry. Fast fashion that is so widespread now days in majority contributes to the 10% of green gas emissions that the industry produces in a year and is responsible for being the second largest water consumer on the planet. We could of course go on and talk about food waste, air traffic, natural disasters that are the consequence of our treatment of the planet, etc. But just by observing the environment, and not even looking at the numbers, we can easily see that by going on as we used to is not an option anymore. As the politicians and the industry in majority are not addressing the challenges that we can see everywhere or at least they are not addressing them quickly enough, the responsibility for change often falls on the shoulders of the individuals. The NGO sector plays an important part here as it can promote behavioural changes in youth and themselves to act in a more sustainable and environmentally just way. The project empowers youth workers to be able to change their own behaviour and impact the behaviours of their organizations and the youth that they work with. We wish to gather good practices that we can implement on a daily basis and create guidelines (handbook, etc.) for more sustainable organizations and way of living in general.


Participants should be:

  • youth workers or other relevant individuals that work with youth
  • required age of the participants is 18+
  • previous knowledge on the topics of sustainability and climate justice are not a requirement but can be helpfulhave a motivation and interest to work towards greater sustainability
  • can participate in both trainings


All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered.

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275 EUR.

Participation fee: NONE!

Sending fee: 500 MKD

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