YE “Youth”

CYA Krik is looking for 5 participants for YE “Youth”.

The project primarily draws attention to the importance of social coexistence, acceptance and inclusion without discrimination and hatred.

Where: Mobility in Cristuru-Secuiesc, Romania
When: 20/06/2022 – 28/06/2022 (including travel days).

Participants’ profile:
-30 young people age 15-21 years old,
-Five group leaders over 18 years old, without upper age limit,
-Able to communicate in English,
-Motivated to collaborate and participate in all the project activities,
-Residing in Hungary, North-Macedonia, Polish, Romania.

The project primarily draws attention to the importance of social coexistence, acceptance and inclusion without discrimination and hatred. The goal is for the young people involved to be tolerant of each other, of the community, and of the more vulnerable groups that live with us in the society. They should reflect empathy in their communication and behavior, and should not look at otherness with hatred. They should resolve conflicts, try to solve the problems in an adequate way. In frame of the project we want to launch a change in attitudes and mindsets among young people and encourage them to pass them on to their contemporaries. If we are successful, the work of professionals dealing with young people will also become more effective, as it will be easier to work with an open-minded community.

Programme Overview:
The exchange will bring together representatives of five partner organisations to exchange ideas and agree a viable culture-based project. The methods employed will be visual presentations, group work, group discussions and brainstorming, presentation of the Erasmus+ programme, organising a walk in the forest and a food/cooking meeting with local students and citizens.

How to prepare for mobility:
We expect participants to play an active role throughout the entire project, in line with their capabilities and needs.
They will also create two presentations before the arrival, one about their own organisation, and another about the cultural experience of their own country related to forests and forest products. We will ask for traditions, recipes of
NWFPs from their home country and stories about traditional knowledge.

Arrival and departure of groups:

Transport for North-Macedonia group, we will rent a car for you from Skopje:
Skopje To Budapest and Budapest to Cristuru-Secuiesc/Romani or Skopje TO Bucuresti -Romania to Cristuru-Secuiesc
Recommendation : Flixbus or fly or Use Our partners company from Shtip!

About the venue:

Motel Fogado is a host of the exchange. Food, accommodation and all the facilities are located at the same campus near each other and surrounded by forests, fields and meadows. We are very proud of our no-drugs-no-alcohol
policy. It means that the whole campus is free from alcohol and other drugs. Please respect that because it is an important precondition for maintaining an active, dynamic, international and inclusive environment. Not respecting this policy might result in expulsion from the campus.


If you are interested, please fill in the application form, no later than 01.05.2022

For any additional question, contact us at [email protected]

Participation fee:600mkd

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