Topic: Environment and climate change, Green skills, Physical and mental health and
Participating countries: Hungary, North Macedonia, Czech Republic, Romania
Number of participants: 7 young people + 1 group leader/country
Age: 16 –24
Starting date: 23 August 2022
End of the project: 01 September 2022
Location: Tiszavasvári, Hungary

Short description of the program:

Our project called Greener world aims to work up the issue of environmental
protection and climate change. As a bottom up initiative, we want to pass on
knowledge about the topic to the participants, based on the ideas of the young
people. As an antecedent of the program, we can mention a previous youth exchange
program, when young people created the Green Pyramid, which is a board game and
with which young people can send messages about the topic to each other and to the
community. Further developing and extending this to young people from other
countries, we want to implement this youth exchange, which aims to exchange ideas
about practical activities and develop a kind of method to motivate communities
and develop an environmentally conscious approach in favor of the environmental
education. Recognizing the climate crisis, young people are becoming more and more
interested in the topic and the kind of motivation with which we can achieve success
among the growing generation. The exchange wants to address issues such as
community responsibility for climate change, slowing down the process of climate
change, encouraging young people to be environmentally aware, and ways to protect
the planet by creating green spaces. The aim of the project is to make environmental
protection a priority among young people. In favor of this, we intend to organize
actions with young people during the exchange program to raise awareness among
the general public to the importance of addressing the issue.
During the exchange, young people are developed through non-formal pedagogical
methods. The most important elements of the exchange are environmental actions
(tree planting, greening, garbage collection, recycling), with which our aim is to draw
the attention of citizens to environmental protection. In addition, they will enrich
with a lot of new information and knowledge, keeping in mind the practical nature

and the activity. In terms of methods, discussion, roundtable discussion, workshop,
interactive presentation, project work, manual activities cannot be left out, which are
excellent for forming an opinion, while promoting the development of many areas of
It is a double exchange program. The second part will be implemented in Lhotka
u Melnika (CZ) from 11th to 20th POctober 2022. The same people must participate
in both exchanges!
Participants should bring towel and the necessary things for the national evening
(food, drink, etc.)
Our NGO will send a minibus for the participants.

You can apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1UIROabGnNjksi2cs7jC-onVxONxHsHFgSRPaog0DG_A/edit

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