Call for 1 volunteer and 1 support person for a short-term ESC project in Romania for 16 days

What: European Solidarity Corps placement

When: 22/02/2022 – 09/03/2022 (including travel days)

Where: Arad, Romania

Finances: The costs for the project participation, including accommodation, pocket and food money and travel, are covered by the project.

Condition: Fully vaccinated + PCR test.

Host organization: Ofensiva Tirelinor

Participants for this call: 1 volunteer and 1 support person.

Project Description:

The aim of the project is to contribute in achieving social inclusion of the people with disabilities and the young people with typical development through mobility and non formal education. Young people with disabilities in North Macedonia, especially the ones that are in the special schools rarely if not at all have the opportunity to participate in mobility activities or to meet young people from other countries. Because of this, Krik wants to implement 2 weeks volunteering activities in Romania, and host volunteers from Romania and France to encourage social inclusion. The group of 3 volunteers and a support person will have the opportunity to implement 2 week activities in other countries where they will promote their cultures and at the same time learn about the society of other countries and their similarities or differences. CYA Krik expects that the activities of the project will encourage greater participation of the volunteers on local and international level. The volunteers will have the opportunity to learn about money management, self-care and independent living and will have the chance for intercultural learning, soft skills development and actively taking part in the development of their local community through the project activities.

Conditions for volunteering:

With the support of their mentor and the Offensiva staff involved in this project, two volunteers with disabilities and one volunteer with typical development will have the chance to discover the local culture, the local craftsmen and old professions that are one of the essential in the society but are not so popular among young people. Prior to their arrival the participants will be presented with their activity timetable, which is attached to this application. The activity time table will be adjusted according to the needs and skills of the participants.

Support person:

The support person will be in charge to provide support in the participation and life of the volunteers during the stay in Romania. The support person will have the tasks to make sure that:

  • the volunteers are understanding their role,
  • they are participating in the activities,
  • they understand the activities,
  • translate conversations if needed,
  • support in the daily life and transportation

The support person will be also the link between the participants and both the sending and hosting organization.

Аccommodation: We will accommodate the volunteers in shared rooms of 2. The volunteers will share a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and living room with other volunteers we will host at the given time. Volunteers will have to respect internal rules for the hosting place.

Application procedure: If you think that this is an opportunity for you and would like to get more active in the activities, send us your motivational letter and CV at [email protected].

Deadline for applications: 08.02.2022

For any additional questions, contact us at [email protected]

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