Background of the Study session:

Based on 2020 in-depth, European-wide research involving hundreds of young Roma and youth civil society organizations, conducted by Phiren Amenca International Network and the ternYpe Roma Youth International Network, one of the main challenged that are faced by Roma youth, is in fact youth participation. 57% of young Roma experience obstacles for participating in public and social life. Political participation of young European Roma remains extremely low. Moreover, there is a major lack of Roma youth participation in the National Youth Councils and in the work and programmes of youth organizations. 

The National Youth Councils of North Macedonia, Romania, Ukraine and the National Youth Forum of Bulgaria in partnership with the Regional Roma Educational Association are organizing a Study session in order to open a discussion about important issues related to social inclusion of Roma youth and other marginalized groups with special focus on their active participation in the decision-making process both nationally and on more local level.

Aims and objectives


The main aim of the Study session is to strengthen the capacities of (Roma) youth organizations and representative bodies of youth to increase participation of Roma youth and other marginalized groups within and outside of their structures.


  • To encourage and build competences of the participants to advocate for the rights of the young Roma people and other marginalized groups within representative bodies at local/national/international level;
  • To explore good practices and to create a list of good examples of young Roma and marginalized groups in inclusion and their participation in decision making processes;
  • To formulate recommendations for increasing participation of Roma and marginalized groups and enable follow up partnerships and actions at national level.    

Who should apply?

We are looking a total of 30 young participants coming from European countries between the age of 15 to 29, with a focus on:

  • Young Roma people and other marginalized groups;
  • Representatives of National Youth Councils as networks;
  • Representatives of Local (youth) consultative structures;
  • Representatives of the Local authorities.

When and where?

The Study session will take place during 28th of November and 3rd of December in the European Youth Center Budapest (EYCB), Hungary. Travel dates from and to Hungary are 27th of November and 4th of December.

Language and Format:

English is the language that will be used during the Study session. 

The event will be held using Non-Formal Education format and methodology.

Participation fee:

50 euros

Application Procedure:

The deadline for applying is: 10th of November, 2021.

Applicants can apply through our online form by following this link.

*Only selected participants will be contacted after the selection process is completed.

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