Open call for 1 participant for APV in Portugal

Open call for participant for the project -Youth Exchange “Resounding citizenship”. The meeting (and the mobility) will take place at Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal.

Attention: For entrance in Portugal, you’ll need to be fully vaccinated and you will have to make PCR test

Dates: 18-21.01.2022

The main goal of this APV: consists of empowering the ability to create connection with youngsters, by addressing the following issues and needs:

– Lack of more inclusive, interesting, effective, attractive non-formal education working tools;

– Lack of knowledge of digital tools/digital approaches for activities in the field of non-formal education;

– Lack of self-awareness in youth workers of their ever-available natural resources as creative and social individuals,

independent from the mastery/possession of specialized content and technical knowledge;

– Lack of a positive and non-sexualized culture of the body as a means of communication and peer to peer connection;

– Identity/cultural distance between youth workers and youngsters;

– Lack of youth participation and sense of active citizenship

Profile of participants:

– Must be over 18 years old.

– youth leaders, youth workers, educators, local community members (parents, teachers, priests, community leaders,…) interested in developing the educational and interventive potential of music and musicality following the methods of non-formal education, and willing to take action as promoters of active citizenship at a community level;


3 meals per day; breakfast, lunch & supper, warm drinks
in coffee breaks

Food and accommodation is fully covered by the organizers with the support of the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme.



Deadline for applications: 06.12.2021

Everyone interested should fill in the application form

Participation fee: 600mkd

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