Peace Building and Civic Activism Academy


Center LOJA – Civil Peace Service project in the frames of the Network for Intercultural Education (An established network between Center LOJA and the 5 universities in North Macedonia) for the first time is announcing a call for participants from the WB6 for the Peace Building and Civic Activism Training. The training represents a vanguard for the upcoming Western Balkans Peace Building and Civic Activism Academy which will serve as a tool to actively include the citizens in social and decision-making processes, as well as to work with young people in a structured and organized way, and thus promote the idea of Peace Building and Civic Activism (PBCA) in the Balkan region. Following this, the training on PBCA will give the opportunity to participants to learn how to work in informal environment, with professional possibilities in preschool education institutions, schools, centers for children without parental care, youth clubs, centers for youth work, local and international government, and non-governmental institutions, etc. They will be also trained to further train pupils, volunteers, community activists, youth leaders and young members of political parties. PBCA professional is a person who helps young people and supports them in daily growing up and taking responsibilities in the society.
This specific training will include methods used in creative conflict transformation, as well as techniques used in civic activism, thus it bridges theory and practice and incites critical thinking and active engagement of the participants. Based on experiential learning, the training will allow the participants to practice ideas in the real world, develop creative approaches to social and cultural issues, as well as will encourage active participation in decision-making process.
The training will consist of lectures, activities and simulations of real-life situations. Lecturers and trainers will include well-known professionals such as: Maja Muhic, Artan Sadiku, Oliver Musovic, Bujar Luma and LOJA’s trainers, etc.
– The training will held in English.
When and where?
Dates: 02 – 08.12.2021
Place: Ohrid, North Macedonia
Application deadline: 30.11.2021 (17:00h).
Requirements for application:
The call is open to:
– participants from WB6: (NMK, AL, KS, BiH, MNE and SRB)
– Individuals, formal or non-formal groups, students, teachers, young political leaders, activists, journalist, etc.
– The training will be organized in accordance to all the recommendations of the government of NRM against COVID19.
– For more information on the training, please contact us at: [email protected], or in the below-mentioned phone numbers:
1. +38978404075
2. +38944352970
For applying, please fill in the form and press submit!
Apply now using the link!

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