CYA Krik is looking for 2 participants for YE “Greener World”.

Where: Mobility in Lhotka u Melnika, Czech Republic
When: 11-20 October 2022

Participating countries: Hungary, North Macedonia, Czech Republic, Romania

Participants profile:

16 to 24 years old;

 2 participants with experience in environmental protection and climate change activities, projects willing to share their skills and knowledge;

 motivated to learn and contribute to the project topic;

 Able to communicate in English;

 Motivated to collaborate and participate in all the project activities.


Greener world aims to work up the issue of environmental protection and climate change. The environmental changes that are happening rapidly were the motivation to develop a project where young people can exchange ideas about practical activities and develop a kind of method to motivate communities and develop an environmentally conscious approach in favor of the environmental education. Recognizing the climate crisis, young people are becoming more and more interested in the topic and the kind of motivation with which we can achieve success among the growing generation.

Program Overview:

The exchange wants to address issues such as community responsibility for climate change, slowing down the process of climate change, encouraging young people to be environmentally aware, and ways to protect the planet by creating green spaces. The aim of the project is to make environmental protection a priority among young people.

Things to know about the preparation for mobility:

As a participant, you commit yourself to actively participate in the whole process, including:

to participate on pre travel coordinating meetings;

 to read all the information carefully (especially this info pack and all the emails we will send you before your coming) and communicate timely with the organizers;

to take active part in the full duration of the activities (it means coming later or leaving earlier is not possible)

to implement dissemination activities after the youth exchange is finished.

Arrival and departure of groups:

For the transport for North-Macedonia group, a minibus will be sent for the participants.

If you are interested, please fill in the Application Form, no later than 06.10.2022

For any additional question, contact us at [email protected]

Participation fee: 600mkd

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