CYA Krik is looking for 4 participants + 1 group leader for YE “Move”.

Where: Mobility in Alvados, Portugal
When: 2-13 November (including travel days)

Number of Participants: 30 participants

Participating countries: Portugal, Georgia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Macedonia,

Participants’ profile:

-18 to 29 years old

– 1 group leader (group leader 18+)

– 2 participants with experience in dance and body movement willing to share their skills and knowledge

– 2 participants without dance experience, but motivated to learn and experiment dance and body movement

– Able to communicate in English

– Motivated to collaborate and participate in all the project activities


Using a personal development approach, body movement, theater and dance as a tools. We will provide you with the context where you can connect with yourself, connect with others and have a healthier approach to life. You’ll learn and share experiences in the field of dance through which you’ll become more open and acquire freedom: freedom of unwanted stereotypes and complexes, freedom of thought , freedom of communication and freedom of life.

Program Overview:

This Youth Exchange is based on non-formal education, being highly participatory and interactive using body movement as a experiential learning.

Things to know about the preparation for mobility:

As a participant, you commit yourself to actively participate in the whole process, including:

– to participate on pre travel coordinating meetings;

– to read all the information carefully (especially this info pack and all the emails we will send you before your coming) and communicate timely with the organizers;

– to take active part in the full duration of the activities (it means coming later or leaving earlier is not possible);

– to give all the necessary documents to your hosting organization (travel invoices, boarding passes, tickets …) for the reimbursement of your travel costs;

– to participate in the evaluation process meetings;

– to implement dissemination activities after the youth exchange is finished.

Group leader requirements and responsibilities:

– Prior experience managing groups in youth exchange;

– Great organizational skills;

– coordinates activities of the group and represents group’s interests before youth exchange, during the youth exchange and after;

– to be your group’s contact person for hosting organization, by forwarding questions participants might have and vice versa.;

– Analyzing group performance and making recommendations for improvement.

If you are interested, please fill in the Application Form, no later than 10.10.2022

For any additional question, contact us at [email protected]

Participation fee:600mkd

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