Oтворен повик за 5 учесници за интернационален семинар “Sport focus in education”

CYA Krik is looking for 5 participants in The International seminar “Sport focus in education”

Where: Venue: Iasi, Romania

When: 25 – 29 august 2021
Arrival day in Iasi: can be 24th evening or 25th morning

Departure day from Iasi: 29th August after 12:00 (noon time)

The project background:

The International seminar Sport focus in education is activity of the  project Expanding soft skills borders, PasSPORT in education. The project approaches the beneficial impact of sport techniques as educational method that can  be applied in educational courses for development of beneficiaries soft skills.  

The project supports the importance of soft skills, as a basis for further  development of specialized competences and the development of soft skills seen as  transversal skills that are needed for any individual in the professional training.  Opportunities that support knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired through non formal and informal learning have an important role in enhancing employability  

and life quality. In this consideration competent resource people in grassroots  sport and education are essential for raising awareness, and putting in value the  benefits that sport can bring on development of transversal skills. 

Aim of the seminar: 

 The seminar will support an interactive framework of putting together the know how  in sport and non-formal education aiming to develop 10 non formal methods using  sport. Two of the methods created will be dedicated to involving young people with  disabilities. 

Sports approached :

Each partner shall involve two types of sports, of which one will be dance(dancesport  and Zumba). Other sports approached: chess, football, fitness and martial arts.  

Participants profile and involvement :

  •  Participants profile: youth workers, trainers, sport specialists with  experience in sport and non-formal education, with motivation to  participate to exchange know-how on non-formal methods through sport for young people, to develop new methods and tools, to  develop practical skills for working with young people, to work  with youth workers and sport specialists from different  countries.
  • The participants will be directly involved in the implementation of the  awareness campaign and local trainings and will represent resource people in project  implementation. 

Travel reimbursement: 

Travel must take place at Economic class. 

Travel reimbursement will be assured according to Erasmus+ Programme rules and  on basis of travel documents provided in original, in the cuantum of max. 275 euro/person.

Everyone interested should fill in the APPLICATION FORM as soon as possible.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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